4 Star Review: Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer Bennett

Tuesday 30 September 2014
Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2)Garrett by Sawyer Bennett
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4 Stars

Copy provided via NetGalley and the author in return for an honest review.

The next book in the Cold Fury series and one which will warm your heart despite being based on the ice. We were teased with Garrett Samuelson in Alex (book 1) and being a known man-whore his story probably attracted me more than Alex’s did.

Set around the Cold Fury Ice Hockey team, Garrett’s story is one to set your hearts alight until you practically combust. He’s hot, he’s fit, he’s talented, in more ways than one, and most of all, he’s a playboy; until he comes across Sutton’s cousin, Olivia Case.

I should have know when their eyes meet across a room that this would be an emotional and overly romantic read but whilst it also had additional benefits, its story will twist you up inside both from frustration and also from the need to see this beautiful couple find their HEA.

Olivia is facing a huge personal and emotional battle and deciding to live life to its fullest. After deciding to take a chance on Garrett, and his womanising ways, to enjoy herself and not expecting anything more than one or two orgasms in return for spending a night with him, she is shocked when Garrett takes her on a date, without expecting anything in return. Olivia has different plans though and persuades Garrett to take her up on her offer of a night of passion. That soon turns to multiple nights though and before Garrett and Olivia know it they are falling, fast, for one another.

Olivia assumes that Garrett will not want to support her through her personal crisis and after realising that he is determined to stand by her side, she willingly opens her heart to accept him into her life.

This story has its hurdles though and as you would expect it has its highs and lows. It will make you happy, sad, angry and frustrated but most of all it will leave you with a warm glow inside. This is definitely a contemporary romance but with added spice taking it into the adult romance genre as well. Dare I say that it had a little too much sex in it for me (every problem was solved with a tumble in between the sheets, up against a door etc etc) but that is just a tiny criticism. The story flowed well but at times felt like it was a step-by-step through Garrett and Olivia’s day. The only downside for me was the epilogue but that’s a truly personal dislike and not directed at this book in particular. For me, I look for a balanced epilogue and not one simply put in to give a reader an additional HEA high. I admit to having a cold heart and despite all the love in this book and its HEA+++ I couldn’t find it in myself to do more than skim read it.

So, after getting an unexpected twist in the story and hearing which book in the Cold Fury series is next, I can’t wait to see how this series develops. Hopefully, it won’t be in a sad direction as I’d like to see all the characters in this series find their HEAs.

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