4 Star Review: Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Thursday 31 July 2014
Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1)Alex by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has me confused. I enjoyed the story. I loved the characters. The supporting cast were even amazing but this story just didn’t hook me right from the start. So why now I’ve finished the book am I disappointed?

This is certainly one of those slow building stories that creeps up on you and without realising it, you’ve been captured by the story and the lives of Alex and Sutton.

Sutton’s had problems in her life in the form of her father, Cosmo, an on-off recovering drug addict. Using her childhood experiences to help others, Sutton is now a drug counsellor and her life is sweet.

Alex has also suffered at the hands of an over enthusiastic father who, having failed to reach the highest levels himself as a hockey player, turns his attentions to Alex and using abusive training techniques turns him into the elite sportsman that he is today.

When his team decide that Alex needs a reality check in order to rein in his temper and difficult personality, he is told that he has to work with Sutton to develop a local drug outreach programme. Sutton is delighted to be developing such a programme and as much as Alex supports the cause he just can’t switch off his persona.

“Ahh… there’s the prick you were telling me about.”

“Get used to it, Miss Price,” I tell her with a mock bow. “You’ll be seeing quite a bit of him.”

It’s not long though before Alex sees something in Sutton, aside from her beauty, and turns his charisma on and focuses it in Sutton’s direction. Sutton is powerless to resist his charms and it’s not long that the pair realise that they have something special but where Sutton sees love, Alex sees a distraction to his game performance.

As the story progresses, you get to witness more from Sutton and Alex’s past and you realise what in-built strength these two individuals much have in order to have survived through childhood and into adulthood in the shadow of their respective fathers. Their past challenges their current relationship though and they must decide if their bond is worth fighting for or if lust has been misinterpreted as love.

I love the humour in this story and the relationship Sutton and Alex have with their friends and families, with the exception of their fathers. The story has certainly been well thought out and despite my lack of hockey knowledge, I was able to follow and appreciate the storyline from its sports perspective.

The ending was perfect and I loved the lengths that Alex went to get his feelings across to Sutton.

I really loved Garrett though and his character and personality and relationship with Alex made this story so much better in my eyes.

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