4.5 Star Review: Confessions of a Litigation God (Legal Affairs #2) by Sawyer Bennett

Tuesday 29 April 2014
Confessions of a Litigation God (Legal Affairs, #2)Confessions of a Litigation God by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Smoldering Stars!!!!

Matt Connover is just what every girl needs and thanks to Sawyer Bennett you get plenty of him, drip fed, via Confessions of a Litigation God!

I really loved the Legal Affairs series but Matt's story for me was even more enjoyable. If you thought you loved Matt in Legal Affairs just wait until you get your hands on him in this book!

Matt: "Not God, babe. Matt f**king Connover."

I was expecting this to simply be a story role reversal/POV but it was so much more. I'm not a lover of POVs but you get to see more of Matt's work and personal life in this full novel. I love his strength, his determination, his ruthlessness but also his vulnerability, tenderness and of course, his sex appeal.

"You're perfect, Mac. Just f**king perfect. Beyond beautiful."

Matt in Legal Affairs came across as a bit of a career drive and egotistical man but you get to see him for who is truly is in this book: a broken and damaged man who's been hurt beyond repair, until he meets Mac.

I know I'm a tease but if you loved Legal Affairs, you must buy Confessions of a Litigation God as soon as Sawyer Bennett releases it. If you're very nice to her she may press that elusive button sooner rather than later!!!

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