5 Star Review: Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna Wylde

Thursday 27 February 2014
Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3)Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who needs sleep when you have Liam/Hunter to keep you entertained!!!

Don't ask me if I prefer MC books over fighter books at the moment because I simply couldn't say but what I can say is that the Reapers MC series is totally amazing and Devil's Game is perfect.

This is Em's story and part of which was covered in the previous book. As Picnic's daughter, Em more than her sister Kit, struggles to live under the Reapers MC's Presidents constant watch and with him not only frightening off but even shooting her potential boyfriends Em realises that only radical action will help her to escape his ever-watchful gaze.

After being kidnapped and escaping from Hunter and Skid and saving the truce, for now, between the Reapers and the Devil's Jacks, Em and Sophie return home but with Em still unsure of her feelings towards Hunter.

After Painter spurned her advances once again though Em has had enough and decides to move to Portland to live with Cookie who is still recovering after losing Bagger. This move means she is also once again living close to her sister, Kit, but now under the watch of Deke, who doesn’t hide his distaste for Em and her sister and their precious life.

Moving to Portland sets Em free but in doing so also brings her closer to Hunter once again. Hunter has two missions in life: one to save the truce between the two MCs and the other is to make Em his old lady but will he manage both?

I loved this story so much, it was fast-paced and highly entertaining but also violent at times. There are strangely comical parts to this story which make it an all-around outstanding story. I've got to say though, I really wanted Painter to be a better guy and I hope he gets to tell his story so that we can see a nice side of him!

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