5 Star Review: Objection (Legal Affairs, #1.1) by Sawyer Bennett

Saturday, 28 December 2013
Objection (Legal Affairs, #1.1)Objection by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, what a delicious treat Sawyer Bennett has in store for us with this series.

“Objection” is the first instalment of Sawyer Bennett's new law series "Legal Affairs" and boy did it start with a bang. There’s definitely no gentle introduction to this storyline and I loved it.

Having become a Sawyer Bennett obsessive following my introduction to her "Off" series, which is simply amazing, I couldn’t wait to see how this new series would develop and so far so freaking good.

McKayla Dawson already sounds like the perfect character to compliment Matt “hello” Connover. After McKayla decides to join the sex club used by her best friend she couldn’t help but be blown away by Matt and his total alpha maleness. Thinking their erotic night was just that, a night, McKayla heads home to swim in the memories of the hottest night of her life.

“You want to know what’s on my mind?” he growls, and I nod helplessly.

He places a light kiss below my ear and says, “I’m trying to decide if I want to fuck you in the elevator or wait until we get in the room.”

Never say never is the message here and soon McKayla comes face to face with Matt once again, as her new boss, and the two of them soon start to struggle against their mutual raw attraction. Matt doesn’t do relationships and McKayla, well, what is she looking for exactly? Only time will tell.

I can’t wait for “Stipulation” due out at the end of January to be followed soon after by another four books. For me, that’s the only problem with staggered release dates; I’m just too impatient to wait for the next instalment.

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