5 Stars: Off Chance (Off, #5) by Sawyer Bennett

Sunday 27 October 2013
Off Chance (Off, #5)Off Chance by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sawyer Bennett has created an amazing series in the “Off” books. Who can resist so many hotties being fired at you from Sawyer Bennett’s fingertips? Can you imagine what it’s like inside Sawyer Bennett’s head with those steamy storylines swimming around waiting to be written!!! I have loved each and every one of the “Off” books and Off Chance was no exception. I did find myself slightly distracted by the book cover though, and it took quite a bit of willpower to get back to the story and to stop staring at the gorgeous Flynn aka Derrick Vargo.

Flynn Caldwell, an unpredictable and emotional firefighter fire fighter, yep ladies Sawyer Bennett went there, comes across Rowan Page in a desperate situation and after rescuing her he soon finds out that she has lost everything and everyone in her life. Determined to help Rowan, Flynn offers her his help and support which Rowan reluctantly accepts. Faced with needing to turn her life around again, Rowan is determined to succeed but insists to Flynn that it has to be on her own terms.

I was delighted to see the return of the previous “Off” characters, especially Nix who’s relationship with Rowan was entertaining if albeit brief. I did find myself slightly frustrated with Rowan though and I know what you will all say, her background made her behave insecurely, blah, blah, blah but she still rattled my cage. That said, Flynn was the perfect character to complement Rowan’s pain in the arse-ness!!!. This book was an obsessive read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and despite Rowan’s neuroses I came to love her in the end.

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